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Arvato, Hanover Germany

Arvato, the global outsourcing provider and part of the Bertelsmann Group selected Verdion’s Hanover Germany project in 2014. This is Phase One of Verdion’s 1,184,069 sq ft (110,000 sq m), high-quality logistics scheme.

The 643,920 sq ft (59,821 sq m) ‘built to suit’ unit is situated in a prime location on the edge of an established industrial estate eastward of the Weltausstellungsallee.

The building boasts a forest of 7,824 photovoltaic solar cells on its 453,000 sq ft (42,000 sq m) roof. These produce an output of more than 2,760,000 kWh, equal to the average power consumption of 800 households in Hanover.

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