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Real estate for pharmaceutical excellence

The pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries require very specific design and performance standards from their logistics property. The design of warehouse facilities for storing and processing must comply with strict hygiene regulations, enabling the necessary care when handling of hazardous materials as well as meeting industry standards for process efficiency.

Verdion are experts in this field, working with you to ensure that legal compliance requirements and specific production needs are met from the outset during exacting planning and building design.

We think about specification, the seamless and robust ergonomic design of the building plan, the need for security, planning for efficiency, meeting predefined temperature ranges and flexible temperature control.

We think about process, understanding the need for dedicated areas for specific uses (such as production and repackaging areas), always designing for total efficiency and excellent performance.

We speak your language. We know your business.

Our services include:

      • Location search and analysis
      • Planning and financing
      • Obtaining permissions and liaising with authorities
      • Building and monitoring to turnkey delivery
      • Facility Management
      • Asset Management
      • Pharmaceutical Excellence
      • Pharmaceutical Excellence
      • Pharmaceutical Excellence
      • Pharmaceutical Excellence
      • Pharmaceutical Excellence