About Verdion

We build, invest in, manage and unlock logistics real estate opportunities across Europe

We’ve been focused on the future from the start

Verdion was founded at a turning point in the market. With extensive experience in logistics, we foresaw the pivotal role it would play in e-commerce and its potential to rapidly connect growing global markets with local communities. We started with ambitious goals: to create European logistics hubs of the highest quality and innovation, and to play a leading role in this dynamic sector as it continues to evolve.

A long-term vision

Fast-forward to today and these convictions have helped us to take calculated risks, confident of delivering outstanding results. Driven by deep sector knowledge and an appetite for growth, we continue to unlock opportunities and guide partners towards the strong, stable returns they produce, with a perspective rooted in long-term value creation for everyone.

“This is a complex sector. Investment performance needs vision and instinct as well as in-depth market knowledge.”

Paul Clarke, CFO

Our approach

Connecting people, capital and opportunities

Supply chains in the twenty-first century are complex and interconnected; they span sectors and specialisms, countries and cultures. For those with both the knowledge to unlock these complexities and the appetite to invest, logistics offers outstanding opportunities for growth and returns.


We take our responsibilities seriously

Environmental, social and governance factors are at the heart of our business. We work with respect for both the environment and our stakeholders’ needs, looking beyond buildings to create truly enduring places that make a positive contribution over the long term.

Technical expertise

Passionate about performance

What we do is complex and multi-layered; it demands the ability to see both the big picture and the smallest detail. Always focused on outstanding technical performance, we bring years of experience at the forefront of the sector to the investment decisions we make, the concepts we design and the construction programmes we deliver.

Our team

You're in safe hands

Ambitious, innovative and equipped with industry-leading technical expertise, our experienced multinational team does things differently. We take an agile approach, adapting and evolving to meet tight timescales and deliver complex projects that add value every time.