Our approach

Seeking out opportunities in an ever-evolving sector

Supply chains in the twenty-first century are complex and interconnected; they span sectors and specialisms, countries and cultures. For those with both the knowledge to unlock these complexities and the appetite to invest, logistics offers outstanding opportunities for growth and returns.

Why Verdion?

Our four core strengths are what set us apart, powering everything we do.

Creative entrepreneurs

If there’s a problem, we solve it. Where there’s an opportunity, we advance it. We’re not interested in why something can’t be done, only in how we can do it. For us, creativity is about putting together dynamic teams with the right combination of skills; it’s about being collaborative, adaptable and using our insight to realise the best, most innovative ideas.

Precise thinkers

Our creativity and ambition are always underpinned by rigorous and precise thinking. We apply this thinking at every step, from generating concepts and assessing risk, to unlocking new opportunities that help partners stay ahead in the ever-evolving markets in which we operate. We apply it through our technical expertise too, from state-of-the-art engineering to the execution of logistics space designed with the future in mind.

Intelligent investors

We believe in long-term growth, always mindful of our impact on society and the environment. We invest through our time, expertise and relationships. Our business decisions are driven by exceptional knowledge and razor-sharp instincts. The same applies to our investment in people, creating diverse, forward-thinking teams who work across borders and thrive on competition, always challenging themselves to go further.

Ingenious connectors

Our logistics hubs form vital connection points within supply chains, linking businesses with customers and customers with goods. We’re facilitators and enablers, always looking to build strong and lasting partnerships. We create innovative networks that span borders, and we connect people and capital with businesses to unlock new opportunities.

We design with the future in mind, responding to the changing requirements of modern supply chains and striving to achieve high standards for sustainability

We build partnerships with global investors, local communities and skilled professional teams to find and realise new opportunities

“Early design concepts must be meticulous, with sustainability and wellbeing factored in from the start.”

Peter Peeters, CTO

We deliver value and drive efficiency by importing the best teams, technology, ideas and designs

We do all of this to maximise the performance of our assets and the businesses that occupy and operate within them

“The right location is essential. But so are relationships, skill and tenacity.”

André Banschus, Executive Director