BMW, Malmö

Going the extra mile to meet BMW’s needs
Verdion’s first project in Sweden, in Staffanstorp just outside Malmö, was a natural progression from our development activity across the bridge in Copenhagen. Working with local partners and the municipality, we identified the site for our 8-ha Verdion Logistics Park Malmö. Then, following an introduction from Invest in Skåne, we won BMW’s contract to provide a new 27,000 sq m warehouse for storing and distributing car and motorcycle parts throughout the Nordics, and to parts of the Baltics region.
How did Verdion add value?
BMW’s IT systems support a process that is unlike other automotive firms, in that each order is received through the company’s HQ in Germany, and then every single component part destined for the Nordics and parts of the Baltics is distributed via this new facility. The business had been told that its IT systems, as well as its heating and electrics – the same systems BMW uses in its German facilities – would be too difficult to install in a Swedish facility. Our team didn’t agree. We understood why this was so important and had already successfully undertaken similar projects for other clients in Germany. Together with the Danish contractor we’d worked with previously to deliver a highly complex pharmaceutical distribution warehouse for DHL, we created a robust design and methodology for the project that would meet BMW’s needs. Our design not only accommodated the high-specification IT needed to support the demands of this ordering system but also incorporated a complex storage solution across a three-level mezzanine, for parts that range from the smallest washer up to twelve-cylinder engines weighing around 270 kilos. We handed the completed facility over in May 2017 – one month earlier than the deadline – giving BMW more time to spend on its interior fitout. And should they need more space, we have already secured room for expansion on the same plot.

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