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Who is the client?
DHL is the world’s leading logistics company, employing 380,000 people and providing freight transportation, warehousing, distribution and supply chain solutions to customers in more than 220 countries and territories.
Facilitating the flow of life-saving drugs through highly specialist design
In 2013, DHL needed a new facility in the Greater Copenhagen area for a major client to store life-saving, high-value, climate-sensitive pharmaceuticals before distributing them to customers worldwide. Having secured the site and produced initial designs, DHL needed to make its new building work successfully to support its complex needs.
How did Verdion add value?
Early design analysis to improve build-out ratios With people depending on these products for their health, DHL needed to be certain it could depend on Verdion to deliver this facility. The company had to be sure we could meet the technical, security and IT requirements for storing and distributing such a high-value and sensitive product, but was quickly satisfied by the experience and track record of the team we put in place and, in particular, our CTO and Technical Director. As for so many of our projects, we achieved the best design for this facility by taking an international approach. A radical redesign based on experience across Europe achieved both an optimal build-up ratio in line with Danish market expectations and a much more flexible future option for expansion, while staying in line with the original zoning plan.
Employing industry-leading technology For DHL there were two key priorities: precision control of temperature and humidity was paramount, alongside security of their product. For this reason we needed to put the the requirements of the IT systems at the heart of our work. These systems help track each tiny package’s movement through the warehouse, along with every change in temperature or humidity – all connecting to the client’s headquarters for regular monitoring and alerts. We created backups of everything (though the quality of the original was so good most weren’t needed). If a cooling unit fails, another takes over, while a back-up diesel generator Covers the main operation and climate control. Outside the building this commitment to control and efficiency continues. Inflatable dock shelters provide sealing around delivery vehicles to maintain temperature, humidity and airtightness when the trailer is in the dock position, while secure handling facilities for air freight were also installed for a smoother onward journey.
Successful delivery leads to repeat business DHL asked Verdion to deliver a second, 12,000 sq m state-of-the-art logistics facility in Allerød, north of Copenhagen, which we handed over in 2018.

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