Strategic parks

E20 Park, Copenhagen

A gateway to the Nordics
Following successful projects near Copenhagen and Malmö, it became clear that the Nordics region – especially Denmark and Sweden – held great potential for further investment and development. Working closely with a local land promoter in the early stages, Verdion secured a site on the edge of Solrød, 35 minutes from Central Copenhagen, and collaborated with the local municipality to take the site through the zoning process required to create a major logistics park development. Located right between the E20 motorway and a high-speed train line, and close to a local town for public transport and employment, this is an ideal site for logistics. Currently under construction, the 38-ha E20 Park will be delivered in partnership with Aviva Investors, creating one of the largest parks of its kind in the country and our largest development in the Nordics to date.
How is Verdion adding value?
We knew immediately that this was a strategic location that could meet demand from businesses who want to increase their activity in the Copenhagen region. There was a clear local need for more modern, more sustainable logistics space, especially for larger footprints. And with the E20 – the main Germany-Sweden road artery – right next to the site, and the Port of Køge just 15 minutes away, these pan-European connections also make the park attractive to businesses looking for a gateway into the wider Nordic region. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – the park is close enough to the capital for last-mile deliveries to much of the country’s population, and can draw from a strong local workforce close by.
Built on ESG principles
As well as providing local employment opportunities, the park will provide new footpaths and cycle-paths linking to the town centre and its transport connections, including direct links into Central Copenhagen by the S-Train. The new buildings will target DGNB Gold certification and energy-efficient design as standard, with high-quality design, materials and workmanship. Health and wellbeing will be an important aspect of the park as it moves forward. Plenty of greenery will be retained onsite to act as a buffer, and we’re committing to wildlife areas within the site perimeter.
Progress to date
The site has capacity for up to 150,000 sq m of modern warehousing, logistics and distribution space, ranging from large, specialist built-to-suit units for e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and other specialist businesses, to smaller units for local start-ups. John Clements, Executive Director of Verdion, said: “Here we have the opportunity to help fulfil demand on a major scale, with a focus on speed to market and the flexibility to build high-quality facilities that precisely meet our customers’ requirements. More than 2 million people are within an hour's drive-time of E20 and there’s nothing closer to Copenhagen city centre that can offer the scope, size and park environment quality of the logistics facilities we can deliver near Solrød.”

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